National Whistleblower Day

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On July 30, the U.S. Senate’s Kennedy Caucus Room was packed with whistleblowers, their families and whistleblower advocates as six senators and one representative each gave moving remarks in recognition of National Whistleblower day. This event, hosted by the National Whistleblower Center, marked the first Congressional celebration of National Whistleblower Day. The commemoration of July 30th as National Whistleblower Day recognizes the passage of the first ever whistleblower law that date in 1778, as well as the crucial role whistleblowers play today in defending our nation from waste, fraud and abuse . . . Read More

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa speaks at the National Whislteblower Day 2015 Celebration


"With their words and actions, leaders have to make clear that whistleblowers are important and retaliation is not tolerated. For many years I’ve asked the President of the United States to have a Rose Garden ceremony honoring whistleblowers. Because we need to have it from the top of bureaucracy to the lowest levels of bureaucracy."

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon speaks at the National Whistleblower Day 2015 celebration


“You have a solemn pledge from all of us democrats and republicans who are part of the Whistleblower Caucus: we want you to know that we are going to stay at it until everybody in America, everybody in government and the private sector, feels comfortable to come forward and say ‘this is wrong, I need to say something and for the first time people in government will have my back when I do it.’”

Full video of the National Whistleblower Day 2015 celebration

Executive Director Stephen Kohn speaks on the history of National Whistleblower Day and the incredible story of the whistleblowers of 1778.

Rep. Jackie Speier of the 14th District of California speaks at the National Whistleblower Day 2015 celebration


“When you speak up, it’s really the American thing to do. You are true patriots and I appreciate that more than words can say.”

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin speaks at the National Whistleblower Day 2015 celebration


"What we’re talking about here with whistleblowers, people who have the courage to step forward isn’t some theoretical issue of efficient government, effective government and accountable government, we’re talking about people’s lives, we’re talking about life and death situations. We need to make every protection available to those men and women who have the courage to go above their immediate boss, go above their layers of management, put their careers on the line.”

FBI Whistleblower Jane Turner 


Jane Turner, FBI Whistleblower and Co-Chair of the NWC's Whistleblower Leadership Council gave a moving speech discussing the long, suffering road toward justice for whistleblowers and their families. 

Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois speaks at the National Whistleblower Day 2015 celebration


“I want to make sure that we protect our whistleblowers who are protecting our veterans . . .


. . . Dozens and dozens of veterans are alive today because of whistleblowers”

Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina speaks at National Whistleblower Day 2015 celebration


"With you, we’ll be in a much better position to start addressing a lot of the problems that are out there. I want to make sure that you know that I want to be there to support you and make sure that you can feel safe and secure when you have the courage to step up.”



Senator Tammy Baldwin speaks at the National Whistleblower Day 2015 celebration


“The ability of citizens and public servants to step forward to shine a light on misconduct, fraud and abuse is a vital part of our democracy.”

David Colapinto discusses the remarkable work of FBI whistleblower Dr. Fred Whitehurst